Growth hormone – known as Somatropin – is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland located at the brain of a human.

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The most common treatment for growth hormone deficiency in both children and adults is growth hormone therapy – injections of growth hormone into a certain site of the body.

In the synthetic form, growth hormone can be injected by the patient or a family member. This hormone, which is normally produced in the pituitary gland, stimulates growth and cell reproduction in the body.

Growth hormone is important, but its production declines naturally as we age. Having good levels of HGH can increase energy, help weight loss, build muscle, increase sexual drive, increase strength, and boost the immune system.

Who will benefit from HGH treatment?

Men and women wishing to receive HGH therapy usually fall into one of three groups and these are:

  • Those who have adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). They are over the age of 35 and would like to slow down the aging process, improve sexual performance, and increase their quality of life.
  • Top athletes who wish to improve their energy, speed, stamina and generally enhance their performance.
  • Adults who are active or athletic, but who have little or no HGH in their blood and who may have a poor immune system.

All of the above will only benefit from HGH therapy if they have low levels of somatotrophin (growth hormone) in their blood. Approximately 90-95% of adults with growth hormone deficiency will benefit from HGH therapy.

Why is HGH important for men?

HGH for men promotes healthy functioning of the body including regular sleep patterns and metabolism. It aids in protein synthesis enhancing the building of muscles as well as increasing energy levels and physical endurance.

When the man’s body is unable to produce enough HGH, these important bodily functions are affected significantly. The energy levels go down, they quickly lose concentration, they lose muscle mass, their sports performance becomes poor, and their sex drive reduces.

HGH Levels in men by age

Men Over 30

Energy levels may decline slightly, and regular exercise may be required for muscle growth. The belly may gain a few pounds, and the hair may start turning grey. The frequency and duration of sex will begin to decline as the crow’s feet start to appear around the eyes.

Men Over 40

Weight will increase as energy levels and endurance continues to reduce. The hairline may begin to recede as muscle loss starts to affect strength. The gray hairs will increase, and the skin will start losing its elasticity. Eyesight will begin to decline, and sex will become infrequent as desire reduces. Forgetfulness will start to kick in.

Men Over 50

Fatigue increases as insomnia kicks in. Stress levels are high, and the excess fat is much harder to lose. The skin sags, the hair thins, and the loss of muscle makes the man look older than he is. The eyesight continues to decline, and illness becomes a frequent occurrence. Cognitive impairment and memory loss may affect daily life. Erectile dysfunction makes intimacy a thing of the past and mood swings become inexplicable.

Men Over 60

There is minimal energy, and many activities are halted at this point. Productivity at the workplace is being affected by memory lapses, poor focus, and little drive. The feelings of depression compound the effects of social isolation. Sex is out of the picture completely.

Candidacy for HGH Therapy

Candidates who will get the most benefit from their HGH therapy are those who maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

In order to determine a patient’s candidacy for HGH treatment, a doctor will perform a medical assessment including lab testing. Adult patients who show symptoms of growth hormone deficiency such as sleeplessness, a lack of energy during the day, trouble building muscle, higher cholesterol levels, decreased bone density, and a tendency to gain weight on their mid-section are good candidates to receive HGH replacement therapy.

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Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patients who receive human growth replacement therapy can enjoy the following improvements:

  • improve their muscle mass and strength with the help of periodic, doctor-recommended levels of exercise;
  • lose and keep off weight;
  • improve skin health to help counter signs of aging;
  • rejuvenate organ health, restore bone density, and promote the production of bone marrow;
  • lower cholesterol levels;
  • balance testosterone levels;
  • get a better immune system function;
  • improve their mood and decrease sequences of stress;
  • restore their healthy sex drive;
  • improve mental clarity;
  • gain healthy sleep.

Every patient’s human growth hormone replacement therapy will be tailored to their unique body and the HGH-related issues they would like to address.

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