Oral HGH vs HGH Injections

When comparing the efficacy of oral HGH and HGH injections, we can note the great difference between them. And it is certain to say that injection HGH really works.

Here are the differences:

Is Oral HGH Effective

Orally ingested human growth hormone is usually safe, but ineffective. There is no medical research in the literature that says that oral HGH works. No studies have proven that this type of medication can make any kind of difference in raising depleted GH within the body.

When oral HGH is taken, there is usually no preparation that needs to be done. One will just follow the directions on the bottle that they purchase from any health food store, gym, personal trainer or elsewhere. Oral forms of HGH are usually available for purchase over the counter which means that they can be bought without testing, a diagnosis of low GH or a prescription. There is no restriction on what age a person must be either to get oral HGH.

Oral HGH in the form of pills, sprays or drops will be swallowed and sent directly to the stomach. There, the formula will be greeted by strong stomach acids and be metabolized rather quickly. This means that any medication will be eliminated from the body quickly and never reach the bloodstream. The final results are that they do not work.

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It is unfortunate that these kinds of human growth hormone products are so vastly advertised all over the place as being effective for raising sexual libido, building muscle, increasing endurance, stamina, strength and more. People can find ads for these kinds of HGH products on billboards, television commercials, radio ads, and magazine ads.

People will purchase oral HGH because of the promises made by the companies that manufacture them and because the cost is less than injections and no prescription is needed. However, they do not deliver. More people need to be educated as to how these kinds of oral HGH pills, sprays and drops work so that they can save their money and avoid the disappointment of ineffective “medication.”

Are HGH Injections Effective

There is tons of empirical research in the literature that proves HGH injections work and can change lives for the best. Many of these articles compare oral HGH vs HGH injections and show that oral forms of the medication are useless while prescribed injections are extremely safe and effective.

For instance, several articles published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism shared how vital the route of administration (via the mouth or via injection) is on determining how the medication will work. They did not have any encouraging studies that showed pills were effective, but the number of studies proving injectable HGH is effective was plentiful.

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The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, The Lancet and more have written many articles that boast about how effective HRT with injectable HGH is for those with an adult-onset GH deficiency due to aging. With so many studies showing the before, after and follow up of how well hormone replacement therapy works with injectable HGH, it is a no wonder why so many people are drawn to it.

Be careful that you are not drawn into using useless oral HGH because the price is lower or because it is easier to get without a prescription. In the end, you want to participate in a treatment that will get rid of your symptoms and help you to look and feel your best.

As with any kind of therapy a patient does, he or she should do their research and due diligence before starting a medication. Why? The reason is so that they can feel comfortable that they are making the right decision for their health and for their wallet.

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